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Thank you!

This post is for all the people who got together, schemed against me, made up innumerable stories, left me alone at home on weekends to get bored and at the end of it all made it all worthwhile by giving me my best Birthday till date.

First of all a special thanks to the orchestrator or this devious plan, my very own loving wife Namrata. Thanks for planning the whole treasure hunt and for all the thoughtful gifts (including the surprise party). I loved every bit of it. And another special special thanks for not leaving the car and making me do the whole hunt via public transport. Iska badla liya jayega.

The next lot of thanks for Santa’s little helpers who helped pick out all the gifts and also navigated my-unable-to-remember-roads wife to all the different shopping malls around. Don’t worry will surely get her a GPS so that in case I am un-contactable some day she does not call you with her, “I don’t know where I am, I am lost” speech. These helpers are Shimul, Suman, Riddhi, Ushma (Namrata wanted me to remove your name but I can never do that to you) and Shiva.

After them come the guardians of the treasure. When I left home I did not even think that my quest for these gifts would take me to all these people. These guardians of treasure (in order of their appearance) are Riddhi, Suman, Shimul, Shraddha, Ushma, Jimit, Sanket, Girish and last but not the least Mrs. N Shah. Hats off to you people.

The next thank you note is for our own avatar of Batman’s nemesis Riddler, the very unique and the one and only Ashil whose well framed clues made the whole hunt such a big hit. Thanks once again boss.

Last but not the least a thanks to Pallav, Ashutosh, Kishen, Praneet, Sash, Binoli, Janu, Darshak, Sachinji and Shweta for coming and making this a memorable night for me.

Thanks everyone.


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